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Thank you for choosing to apply to rent a Parkside Property Management home! As we provide high quality experience to our Residents; we are seeking long term, high quality residents.

As a company, we do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and welcome Persons of all Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, or National Origin.

Please read the below information and instructions fully:

Pets: All of our properties differ in pet policies regarding to what kind of pet, weight, then number of pets allowed, and additional pet rent and deposits do apply per pet. You can verify if the home accepts pet on the marketing remarks for each of our homes. Pet fee’s are non-refundable.

We do not rent homes sight unseen. Making application on a home does not put you first in line for a home. You must see or have someone available to preview a home on your behalf. 

Appointments are made by availability and first come first serve. You may be added to a wait list for a home with a high call volume or that is tenant occupied.

Applications may take 24-48 business hours to process and are processed Monday – Friday. 

**Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a SEPARATE rental application**

Before starting the Application process, be prepared to pay the application fee as outlined in the property listing. 

For this Rental Application to be considered complete you must provide to following:
Your contact information
Residential history – You will need to provide 3 years of rental history with landlord information phone and email. If you own your home you will put your information in, in order to proceed.
Any additional occupant name(s) you will be applying with – Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a SEPARATE rental application

  • Personal information – Pets, vehicles, emergency contact
  • Income – lawful, verifiable income
  • Date of Birth – Social Security Number – ID#
  • Personal References
  • Questionnaire
  • Attachments would include any additional information to help in the approval process, not limited to the following:
            Photo ID
            Housing voucher or additional income documentation
            Service animal documentation
            Verification of funds; we are looking for verifiable income of 3 times the monthly rent or your portion of monthly rent:  2 paycheck stubs. If self-employed: attach 1 yr tax returns and 3 months bank statements (summary page is ok)

PARKSIDE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT DOES NOT ACCEPT PORTABLE SCREENING REPORTS.  We will obtain a copy of your credit report from Experian 701 Experian Parkway P.O. Box 2002 Allen, TX 75013 1-888-397-3742 You have the right to obtain a free consumer report in the event of a denial or other adverse action and to dispute the accuracy of information appearing in the consumer report.

Your credit report will provide us the following information:

  • Credit Summary
  • Rent Payment Summary
  • Eviction History
  • Criminal History
  • Any Public Records

Qualifications for approval:

  • Must make 3 times the rent in verifiable monthly income or your portion of rent if you receive housing vouchers.
  • Credit scores under 600 will require owner approval and require double Security Deposit. RE/MAX PROPERTY MANAGEMENT DOES NOT ACCEPT PORTABLE SCREENING REPORTS 
  • Occupancy is 2 per bedroom plus 1. Example on a 2 bedroom maximum occupancy is 5 occupants.
  • Past evictions, bankruptcy and any criminal history will not immediately disqualify you, we will look at each on a case by case basis. Felonies are looked at and considered on a case by case basis in our office and Cindy Blyle only unless otherwise directed by her, will have the conversation with the applicant to discuss the incident in question.

Criteria that may result in a denial:

  • Incomplete applications
  • Does not financially qualify
  • Poor credit, too many collection accounts
  • Past evictions, bankruptcy and any criminal/felony history will not immediately disqualify you, we will look at each on a case by case basis. 

Applications may take 24-48 business hours to process and are processed Monday – Thursday. Upon written approval sent to you via email you will be required to pay a full non-refundable holding fee & Re-key fee of $75.00. The non-refundable holding fee will be charged to your account if your lease has not been signed within 3 days of receipt or if you change your mind, the home will immediately be put back on the market for rent. Once your lease has been fully executed and signed by all parties your full non-refundable holding fee will transfer to your security deposit and shall become refundable at the time of your move out as agreed upon in your lease.

Thank you!

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