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Student Financial Services. Stafford Schools Short Shrift by Stafford BOS of -related Funds

Student Financial Services. Stafford Schools Short Shrift by Stafford BOS of -related Funds

On 2, 2020, the Stafford Board of Supervisors passed Resolution R20–191 unanimously june. The resolution really “ loaned” the college region $1,105,000 in CARES money to acquire Chromebooks for distance education and directed them to make use of the GEER capital first with this purchase; and, includes language that could permit them to claw right straight back the funds offered.

Then on 7, 2020, the Stafford Board of Supervisors voted to approve Resolution R20–180 july. This quality allocated the rest of the $13M in cares work funding they received without the $1.1M “loan” for the Chromebooks and approx. $500K in county costs.

just What did the educational schools get? They received $20K for thermometers, gloves; $250K for masks, desks and face shields; $350K for hand sanitizer, detergent, dispenser and portable sinks; $120K for transport expense for dishes; and, $250K to enhance Internet services to grow on line learning capabilities. While this is all great, this hardly scratches the area of exactly just what schools need certainly to safely be able reopen for in-person learning as soon as the wellness information supports it.

Therefore, Stafford Schools received $990K through the Stafford Board of Supervisors in CARES funding out of this approx. $13M that they received — so just 7% for the funding that is total.

School transfers were decreasing for a while. The schools were being appropriated 60 percent of county revenues and that has continued to drop to around 50 percent today at one point. Yet, they only received 7 per cent of this CARES Act financing? Once more, schools are receiving the quick shrift.

Our schools require significant investment to boost our air flow systems to improve air that is outdoor prices at the least to your ASHRAE minimum to aid dilute any airborne virus; MERV 13 atmosphere filters are expected now and may be changed with greater regularity; we require portable atmosphere cleaners with HEPA purification and climate Delivery Rates of 300 (scfm) in classrooms significantly less than 1,000 sq. ft.; need air cleansing products with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI); and, want to assess building force distributions to know whether starting a screen would cause atmosphere to be drawn in off their occupied areas of the building, which may be counter-productive.

The Stafford Board of Supervisors gave Parks and Recreation $450,000 for Bipolar Ionization upgrades for his or her HVAC systems. Could it be more important to update these systems or those in our schools?

They even supplied business bailouts totaling significantly more than $2M, including $600K for accommodations. I’m all for supporting local businesses, but then working parents won’t be able to return to work, businesses will continue to suffer and we’ll just have to bail them out again if our schools can’t safely reopen in-person. How come there a greater concern in bailing down companies than our schools?

We’re additionally bailing out “nonprofits not presently funded by [our] locality]” to your tune of $250K vs. funding our schools?

Additionally they supplied the Sheriff’s Department almost $25K for “Gas masks for Civil Disturbance Teams which come into contact with big sets of individuals?” Here’s a solution that is easy don’t gas peaceful protestors. I have actuallyn’t seen any such thing locally that could necessitate this expenditure.

The can’t that is military tear gas against terrorists, therefore then exactly why are we enabling the Board of Supervisors to accept its usage because of the Stafford Sheriff’s Department?

I’ve additionally destroyed rely on all the” that is“-related expenses. I’d actually concerns whether a few of them are “necessary.” We are in need of 22 card visitors to improve Government Center protection towards the tune of $75K? That “-related” expense is a greater concern than our schools? Do we really need 316 laptop computers and peripherals to the tune of $509K for teleworking? We truly need ESRI Redistricting computer Software to your tune of $4K, since plainly redistricting is a “-related” expense. Our company is having to pay $65K for site redesign and information migration when it comes to Department of Community Engagement? I will go right ahead and on about a number of the IT costs. Sure, some might be necessary; nevertheless, all this may seem like a small overkill.

The Board of Supervisors have allocated $580K for risk duty pay for general public security, but can’t provide funds for risk responsibility for the college staff which will be working in-person (e.g. SPED, ESL, admin, wellness, etc.) while having proceeded in-person that is working the summertime?

On July 28, 2020, Governor Ralph Northam announced a round that is second of Act funds could be distributed to localities. The Stafford County Board of Supervisors will be getting yet another $13.3 million — bringing the full total to around $26.6 million.

Let’s wish their priorities will vary into the round that is second of and prioritizes working families and our schools, pupils and staff.

Apart from the ventilation that is aforementioned, what about making use of these funds to produce working families subsidized childcare options in the place of bailing out organizations. Bail out working families — including our school staff.

Our schools may also need more teachers when it comes to various instructional models and much more counselors and workers that are social. They’re going to likewise require a big technology investment. I’ll talk more info on this in a subsequent post.

We will also need an investment in testing if we want to open for in-school learning at some point, and stay open. The Stafford Board of Supervisors should intend on putting aside a few of the CARES Act financing on tests for college staff and pupils.

The Stafford County Board of Supervisors should acknowledge that our finally college system may be the centerpiece of y our neighborhood economy. It really is our greatest manager. It really is our greatest jobs producer. It really is our attraction that is best to offer to organizations trying to find. Kiddies beneath the chronilogical age of 18 constitutes 25 per cent of Stafford’s total populace. & Most of these children, sooner or later, should be educated by Stafford Public Schools.

Our schools will be the pride while the motor of our economic development. It could behoove the Board of Supervisors to acknowledge that and purchase our schools accordingly.

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