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Dr Mao commented that homosexual males often appeared to stay glued to their plumped for strategy quite regularly

Dr Mao commented that homosexual males often appeared to stay glued to their plumped for strategy quite regularly

Which means that entirely, about 25 % of HIV negative males had been wanting to serosort, or at the very least make alternatives according to HIV status in some manner, with regular lovers, but maintaining condom use with casual lovers. The third many choice that is popular HIV negative males would be to avoid having anal intercourse at all. About one in eight did this, while one in nine went along to one other end associated with the range and experimented with base condom use about what they knew in regards to the HIV status of casual in addition to regular partners.

HIV strategies that are positive

The problem with HIV good males ended up being various. After 100per cent condom usage, their chosen sexual damage decrease strategy would be to base condom use about what they knew concerning the HIV status of casual in addition to regular lovers. This most likely reflects the reality that an HIV good guy can invariably volunteer or request a certain piece of information whereas being HIV negative is just understood till the final test.

Fourteen per cent of good guys with invisible loads that are viral 19% of males with detectable ones had UAI with regular lovers ( of every status) sufficient reason for casual partners they knew to possess HIV. And there was clearly evidence that is soem 19% of invisible guys and 22% of detectable ones had been trying a ‘safe if non concordant’ strategy, in other words perhaps maybe maybe not ensuring that they had protected intercourse unless they knew or suspected their partner had been HIV negative. In the paper posted about this research, it was decribed as “unprotected rectal intercourse with some status disclosure”, implying that the high percentage of lovers’ status had been unknown and therefore it numerous instances status merely was not discussed..

Taken together, this means trying to restict unsafe sex to lovers of known or thought HIV good status, with both regular and casual partners, had been by a way widely known intimate harm decrease strategy in HIV good guys, being practised by 32.5per cent of invisible males and 41.1percent of males with detectable virus in place of 11% of HIV negative males. Nonetheless this tactic ended up being frequently appled haphazardly..

In comparison just 12% of HIV positive guys who have been invisible and 10% who have been detectable used the negative men’s favourite serosorting strategy of limiting sex that is unprotected regular lovers.

Minority strategies

This left three minority groups. About 6% of males in each category have been celibate during the last 6 months and had had no intercourse after all. About one out of 12 males in each category had no damage decrease strategy and had UAI with lovers irrespective of status, even if they knew partners had the HIV that is opposite.: it absolutely was notable that this was as typical in HIV negative guys because it was at undetectable HIV good males, though notably rarer (about one out of 17 males) in guys with detectable viral lots. This might mirror some ‘viral sorting’. Last but nude brunette not least 4% for the good males and just 1% associated with negative men maintained condom use with casual lovers but had non-safe sex with a partner proven to have the HIV status that is opposite.

Along with viral sorting, there is also some proof of other techniques such as ‘seropositioning’ (taking the part less likely to want to transfer HIV, in other words. good males using the receptive part and negative guys the insertive one) and withdrawal before ejaculation, though data on they certainly were maybe perhaps perhaps not presented at AIDS influence.

A challenge for wellness educators

Dr Mao commented that homosexual males frequently did actually follow their plumped for strategy quite regularly; the choice to have unsafe sex or work with a condom wasn’t taken capriciously but was at line using the level of danger each guy felt pleased with. The truth that homosexual guys had been adopting such a number of different damage decrease approaches posed a challenge to wellness educators familiar with promoting a single size fits all safer intercourse approach. Mao LM et al. Prices of condom and condom that is non rectal intercourse techniques among homosexually active males in Australia: deliberate HIV risk reduction? Sexually Transmitted Infections 87:489 493. 2011.

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